“Back to School – Junior & Senior Campus”

DHACSS Seaview Campus welcomes its students warmly as school reopens today on 30th August 2021. Students as well as teachers followed COVID 19 SOPs in true letter and spirit. Parents, students and teachers are happy on the commencement of onsite classes in school. We wish all our students a very safe and happy return to school.


“Independence Day”

Today is the day to pay homage to their sacrifices and contributions and support those who are standing steadfast against all odds for the welfare of this country. We’ve come a long way since 1947. Completing 73 years of independence, we fortify our resolve to make our national flag fly high with pride.

Today, we also remember our Kashmiri brethren who are facing the Indian atrocities under severe lockdown.

We are proud to be Pakistanis. Pakistan is my country, my pride, my identity. May Allah bless our motherland with peace and prosperity. Ameen DHACSS Seaview Campus celebrates the 74th independence day of Pakistan. May Allah the Almighty grant peace and stability. Long live Pakistan

Grand Finale

The day of celebrations and recognition. The great Grand Finale was organized by DHACSS where its all institutes participated and showed their talent